New Sustainability Ratings for Restaurants

Over the last few years there have been raised concerns about health. With these concerns have come new initiatives for promoting positive eating and lifestyles changes. Amongst those changes was the formation of the Sustainable Restaurant Association. This new association is posed to bring drastic, yet beneficial changes to the restaurant industry.


The Purpose

As the name indicates, the Sustainable Restaurant Association will concentrate on ensuring the sustainability and health of restaurants. They plan to do so by instilling a rating system that grades restaurants on their implementation and successful use of different sustainability practices. These practices fall into different categories, including:


  • Environment: energy and waste management
  • Sourcing: the source of foods used
  • Society: staff and community relations

Green inspectors will visit the restaurants looking for these and other factors. Upon completion of their evaluations the inspectors will award a bronze, silver or gold rating.

Its Impact

This new rating system is posed to make a huge difference within the restaurant industry. With individuals’ growing interest in eating and being healthier, as well as the continued concern with the environment, customers will be drawn to those restaurants with high ratings. This will serve as a great initiative for restaurants to comply with the sustainability requirements. In doing so, the restaurant industry as a whole will take on a healthier outlook. With the vast number of individuals who eat out regularly, this can possibly help to improve the health of many individuals. We recommend you visit the best-reviewed mexican restaurants near 93711 with high ratings.

How to Prepare

There are a few different steps that restaurants can take in preparing for this shift. In addressing environmental concerns, companies can look into increasing their energy efficiency by utilizing an energy management company, such as Powerhouse Dynamics. Restaurants utilize some of the highest energy amounts amongst commercial facilities. By incorporating energy management strategies and switching to eco-friendly appliances like electric cooktops they can not only increase the efficiency of their energy consumption, but they can also decrease their use and reduce operating costs.

Companies should consider implementing other practices as well to enhance relations with the community and boost company morale. The right connections within the community can help restaurants secure quality local produce. It can also help to have Factory Resin Flooring to ensure employees are safe from slip and falls. By putting for efforts to boost morale within the company the restaurants will create productive enjoyable environments that allow the employees to thrive and business to grow. Visit if you’re interested in learning more about employment law. Reading this Guide to Food Grade Hoses will also allow companies to produce food products that are safe to eat.


Though sustainability efforts may seem like a hefty task to take on, it will be worth it in the long run. An increase in sustainability and healthy eating will benefit both the restaurants and customers.

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