On a Budget: 5 Refreshing Ways to Revitalise Your Bathroom


There’s nothing better than a relaxing soak in the tub or an invigorating shower. Washing away your troubles in your balmy sanctum as you read the latest bestselling crime novel or sing along tunelessly to the radio is one of life’s little pleasures. But if your bathroom closely resembles Guantanamo Bay’s communal wash area, it’s hardly surprising you’d look to jump in and break out as quickly as possible. Put simply, it’s doubtful you’d feel at ease in a dank and dingy room with no discernible trace of personality or tranquility. However, with the timeless elegance of marble mosaics adorning your walls or floors, your bathroom can transform into a sanctuary of serenity and style.

Yep, it’s time for a bathroom remodeling project. When space is really tight and you need ventilation in your bathroom then you need an exhaust fan to alleviate the heat. You can also change your bathroom color to make it look more big or if you’re in Australia you can get help with a Brisbane bathroom renovators. However, as you take a quick peek in your money pot, it’s clear to see that funds are running dangerously low. Fear not, dear decorator, there are some simple ways to inject a bit of life and character into your bathroom without blowing your meagre budget …


One of the easiest ways to upgrade your bathroom is by investing in a few well thought out accessories. From bath mats to cushion your feet as you leave the shower, new towels, a toilet roll holder and even a new bamboo blind, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to improve your space. You may also add toilet drops to your list to ensure there’s always a fresh scent in the bathroom.


Attempting to relax in a gloomy bathroom is sure to end in tears – which is why you should spend a bit of cash improving the lighting. It goes without saying that waterproof fittings should be used to prevent you getting more of a shock than you bargained for as you look in the mirror each morning.

Splash Back

What better way to give your bathroom a decidedly spa-like feel than with a fancy splash back? Nowadays, folk are shunning the traditional tile route by installing wedi tile backer board that are ideal for transforming the vibe of a bathroom as quick as a flash.


To really enjoy a shower, you need more than water dribbling on your head like a child slavering through a straw. Instead, you should be prepared to loosen the purse strings and install a high-pressure shower system that feels like you’re bathing under a rather toasty Niagara Falls. But if you water heater system is not functioning well, you can have a boiler repair to fully enjoy your shower. Air conditioning is also important, go here to learn more about HVAC Services.


If your bathroom is pokier than the tiniest pokey thing, it’s vital that you have plenty of storage space to house your bathing essentials. For women especially, there are tons of trinkets that are perfect for keeping oils and potions, alongside larger storage solutions for towels and much else.

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