Remodel your bathroom despite being on a tight budget – Some lucrative ideas

So, are you all set to start a bathroom remodeling project? You must have got bored with the same old design of your bathroom or you might have been tired with the dilapidated bathroom accessories! But arranging $20,000 for creating a deluxe spa is definitely light years away from your affordability. However, there’s good news for you as if you want to remodel your bathroom despite being within a tight budget, you can get help at Unique Vanities for some great options you can include in your bathroom remodeling project.

You don’t actually need huge bucks to start bathroom remodeling for a cool and relaxing space, to save some dollars you can try this DIY bathroom sink unblocking, although, there are indeed various ways in which you can redesign within a budget. Check out some ideas.

  1. Restrain your tiles: Tiles are the things that usually get costly, especially when you get in touch with a professional contractor who will lay it on your behalf. Hence, if you’re on a tight budget, you can save money by restraining the amount of tile and focus on other different areas like floor and shower stall walls. On the other hand, if you really wish to put some tiles, you can attach a horizontal strip on the wall, place grout, and then paint the rest of the wall. If you’re looking for a place to get good quality grout, click here!
  2. Don’t splurge on granite: Nowadays, one of the most popular trends is to splurge your dollars on granite countertops. Since the bathroom is rather a small space, the investment might seem to be low enough if you compare it with kitchens. How can you save here? Look at the colors and consider the fact that light colors like beige and tan brown are more expensive. If you wish to save your dollars, look for some variety of colors. You may even get a granite countertop with little bit of imperfections. This will not cost you a huge amount.
  3. Upgrade the fixtures: Then you need to look at the small details. Try to update light fixtures, towel racks, sink faucets and the drawer pulls as this is an indeed small investment. Although such items might seem to be insignificant enough but sometimes it is these items that can give your bathroom an entirely new look. Also make sure that you don’t always purchase things from a famous home improvement store.
  4. A good paint: If you don’t have enough money to spend, then giving your bathroom a good round of paint. Repainting is often the cheapest and the most effective way of offering a new look to your bathroom. However, the only thing that might bar you from doing so is that it will take more time than you have ever thought. Since you will be painting it slowly around the window and shower, this will take time. Don’t consider the time as an obstacle as this will otherwise save you money.

Hence, if you’re looking for some lucrative bathroom renovation ideas, you may take into account the above mentioned tips. Just make sure you consider taking help of a professional in case you’re not confident about your DIY skills.

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