The Best Ways to Dispose of an Old Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have proven to be one of the most popular gadgets ever made. From the early days of brick-sized devices that barely fitted in a bag let alone a pocket, to the modern smartphones like the world-changing iPhone and the young pretender, the Samsung Galaxy S; people have been demanding more and more from their phones and, to their credit, the developers have been delivering.


People are now able to send messages, check emails, play games, update their Facebook statuses, catch up on the news and even watch television on their smartphones – oh, and make calls of course – which means people can have everything at their fingertips wherever they are in the world, provided that they have an Internet connection through their sim plans or phone signal (or battery, a major problem with the iPhone as I’m sure you’re all aware). It now seems as though the developers are looking for new and innovative ways to capture the imagination of the public, providing them with something no other manufacturer could deliver and ensuring that they sell millions of devices around the world.


This means that there are new software updates to download or new product release media events occurring all the time and one of the biggest in recent times was the unveiling of the latest iPhone, the 6, and its ‘big brother’ the iPhone 6 Plus, (along with the Apple Watch). Of course, with each product release comes another one for the collection and another gadget that is put in a drawer or just left on the side “for emergencies.”


Having gone out and spent hundreds on the latest phone or upgraded from your old model without having to physically hand-in your old model, people are left asking questions like “what do I do with the old one?” “do I sell my mobile phone or try and recycle it?” or “shall I just throw it in the bin?”


Selling it makes a great deal of sense because some people will still see an ‘out of date’ iPhone as a great investment, especially if they’re a model or two behind because they just can’t afford the more modern releases at their brand-new prices; while selling it to an online recycler, after getting it refurbished on a iphone repair site, is another great option because you get some money back, (the amount will vary according to factors like the condition), and you’re doing your bit for the environment.


It’s been calculated by a study in America that for every one million mobile phones that get recycled, 35,000 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold and 33 pounds of palladium can be recovered and put to other uses. Gold has long been regarded as a reliable investment. There are several other gold IRA alternatives available, and one of these is the home storage gold ira, which enables you to keep your bullion in your residence.

In other cases, charities will happily accept mobile phones which – if they are in a good working order – can be given to underprivileged people to help transform their lives, enabling them to feel a part of society and to use the phones to make calls to schools, colleges and employers in an attempt to get back into education or employment.

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