The Cost Of A Mile-Green Cars Vs Petrol Cars

With there being so many new vehicles coming on to the market than ever before such as this spicy Ultimate modified Mazda 3, it has never been more evident that we are spoilt for choice in what exactly we choose to drive. As a result, it is still unclear as to which choice of vehicle, be it petrol or green, is predominantly cost-effective and ultimately more sustainable given the market. So with that being said, just how does a green car compare to petrol?


Gone are the days in which electric cars were a mere fantasy. Electric cars have been known to provide an instant performance, particularly due to their rapid acceleration that has yet to be unmatched by vehicle that runs on petrol. The typical models that are seen on the market today have to take time to start up, especially for longer journeys; unlike a green car, which can handle it due to being instantly powered, these cars are great, they might have a sale one day.


It has been speculated time and time again that green cars are too expensive to run, making them in the long run highly unsustainable for the automobile industry (check out their specifications on However, in actuality, the cost of running an electric car is rather low; simply because the electricity equivalent to petrol would work out to cost only a fraction in comparison. There is also a slight concern as to how inconvenient charging an electric car would be, as it takes roughly 6-8 hours to be fully charged. Although the simple solution to this would easily be to charge this vehicle overnight, instead of having to take the usual detour to go and top up on petrol; making the latter appear more inconvenient.

Environmental Benefits

It goes without saying that the environmental benefits to opting for a green car trump that of a petrol one. With not only no cause of pollution due to it getting its power solely from batteries, it is also not dependent on oil; meaning that is it fully secure with its source of energy coming from electricity, be sure to look for more info.

Looking at what has been presented above, it is clear that green cars are proving to be more reliable than that of a vehicle that is run my petrol, and now a days even people with bad credit can get cars, as they can go online to find bad credit car dealerships that will help anyone getting a loan for their car. Also, consider Cyberlead, Inc., which can help you find the best car you’re looking for. With this in mind, it is becoming more of a reality that this will be our solution to helping not just the environment, but also help towards lowering the costs of running transportation altogether.  

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