The Secret Benefits of Trees

Trees are often planted to enhance an area’s beauty. However, the benefits that they provide extend far beyond aesthetic appeal – they are important for both the economy and the environment. As such, for any issues with trees in and around your home, it’s worth consulting a professional tree care and tree service. Removal may be the last resort but tree removal services like 404 Cut Tree can advise on pruning, tree trimming and tree health. If you can possibly preserve a tree, you should – and here’s why.

Reducing the risk of global warming

Global warming has become an important talking point in the media. However, many people still don’t fully understand what causes it. Global warming occurs when there are excess greenhouse gases. These gases are created as fossil fuel is burnt. Trees play an important part in controlling the amount of greenhouse gases. They absorb carbon dioxide which is one of the major greenhouse gases. After absorbing the carbon dioxide, trees transform it back into oxygen which they then release into the air. Contact this Montclair tree company to help you add wonderful trees to your property and make it look more cozy.

According to the Tree People, when put into perspective an acre of mature trees can absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide that you produce when you drive 26,000 miles.

They actively save lives. 

Did you know that research has shown trees in urban areas actually save lives? As such, there are multiple benefits to having trees in your property, and having them well looked after by a tree service. According to the research carried out by the Davey Institute, forests and urban trees are saving one person a year in each city. This is because they remove pollutants from the air, making it cleaner and safer to inhale. They are the best tree service Santa Monica has to offer.

There was also a study published in the Journal of Preventative Medicine which showed in areas where trees had disappeared, more people died from respiratory disease and heart disease. More about the study can be found on the Huffington Post website.

Reducing crime levels

Perhaps one of the most surprising benefits of trees is the fact they seem to reduce crime levels. According to Owens Bros Tree,Service Neighbourhoods which feature an abundance of trees have lower crime rates. This is thought to be because of the natural calming effect trees have. Green spaces generally make people happier and encourage them to spend more time outdoors.

Increasing property value

If you own a tree or two in your garden, it increases the value of the property. People like to be around trees. Providing the tree in your garden is healthy and unobtrusive, it will attract buyers and raise the asking price if you decide to sell. Make sure your tree stays healthy and has proper tree care with professional maintenance with tree trimming.

Providing privacy and reducing glare from the sun

Trees are often planted in urban areas to reduce the amount of glare from the sun. Offices benefit because of reduced glare and homes can benefit from increased levels of privacy. Use them as a border for your home to gain the most benefits. If you are looking for the best ones to add to your yard, a vast variety of trees can be found at

Great for mental health

As you can likely gather by now, the calming effect that trees have can be great for your mental health. Have you ever taken a walk in the woods when you’ve been feeling depressed? It can really help to relax the mind and increase happiness levels. 

These are just some of the secret benefits trees provide. If you need trees, plants and supplies, there are sites which are able to offer wholesale nursery with trees. Remember, if you do have a tree in your garden you will need tree service to regularly maintain it to gain maximum benefits. 

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