The UK’s McCarthy and stoneEmbracing Retirement Life with Accommodations to Die For

Have you ever imagined how your life would be after retirement? Will you be able to do your laundry by all yourself and will you be able to make friends again? Relax! McCarthy and stone, a leading retirement housing company in the UK, has something special to offer to its customers. The company has helped many retired people cherish their life without compromising on anything. The company has been able to do so by its three prime services – retirement living assisted living and ortus homes.image2

  1. Retirement Living: The retirement housing company has set a target to help all find a comfortable living. To meet the goal, the company came up with an idea of retirement living. This type of living is focused towards helping retired finding a better place of living. The idea behind the creation of retirement living is to provide a safe and secure place for elderlies and encourage them to enjoy an independent life.
  2. Assisted Living: This type of living is primarily focused towards providing aid to the people in need. People having an accommodation at assisted living are provided help especially for completing house chores such as laundry and cleaning. The assisted living offers its customers with various services such as a restaurant lounge and function room. Please check out Chelsea Senior Living here to enjoy just the right amount of assistance with activities of daily living to remain independent.
  3. Ortus Homes: These are new types of housing added in the list of retirement housing by the company. The apartment offers its residents with services such as large car parking place, fewer but large apartments and more.

The retirement housing builder has come up with a range of apartments that can help ease the life of retired personnel. Besides the company, there are other retirement builders that have been changing the lives of many.

However, McCarthy and stones one company that has achieved recognition for its excellence in the field of retirement housing.Besides the aforementioned apartment options, the company also offers the following services:

  1. Exchange Property: The Company accepts property exchange. If you have anything to sell and would be interested in buying also then the company can surely help you.
  2. Tea Parties and Small Gathering: Celebrating its 40th Anniversary the company has teamed up with Royal Voluntary Service to host a series of parties. The move is focused towards raising funds and utilizing it towards the creation of a better housing and society of retired people.
  3. Trade of pre-owned apartments: Using the company’s platform, people can now actually look for apartments available for purchase and can even put their own property for sale.

The company steadiness towards improving the retirement life has enabledit to bag a number of awards and recognition. The company has received the 5 Star Home Builder Customer Satisfaction award, housebuilder awards 2016, WhatHouse Awards 2016 and much more. The company has contributed significantly to improving the life of elderlies and retired people. The accommodation provided by the company enables one to enjoy an independent life. The company has received excellence award in the field for a consecutive period of 11 years.

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