Three Furniture Refresh Thoughts

Deforestation is a major issue for environmentalists, and while most areas have places you can recycle your old furniture, it’s still far better to try to make best use of what you’ve got and not contribute to the furniture industry’s huge timber consumption issues. Sprucing up your old items isn’t always too difficult, and can sometimes give you a fantastic effect, especially if you’re going for that whole shabby-chic look, which is very much in vogue right now. Here are some ideas:

Shabby Chic Tables

Corner and coffee tables can take a lot of wear and tear as they’re in daily use. Coffee stains, burns and splintered edges are all very common indeed, which is why they’re frequently replaced. Instead of throwing your old one away however, you could give it a new lease of life. Making a wooden table look aged and classy, but not worn out and trashy isn’t difficult – you can either stain it a whole new colour, or paint it white or other neutral colour. Once it’s a uniform colour, sand down patches and uneven edges to make it look old but not tatty. It will look like it’s supposed to be like that. Some people even go as far as beating wood with chains to make it look really antique.

Super Sofas

Sofa frames are usually pretty robust, so when you think it’s time to get a new one, you might actually just need a bit of replacement padding and new fabric. Re-upholstering a sofa can be as difficult or as easy as you want it to be; meticulously fitting fabric to the shape of the sofa can take a long time, but a more casual and loose fitting cover can actually look quite good. You’ll be able to choose whatever fabric you want, which means you have the opportunity to go wild. Try something out of the ordinary for a real statement piece of furniture. Shackletons is a great place to look for some inspiration if you’re not completely sure where to start.

Cool Chairs

This is a combination of the previous two ideas. If your wooden chairs are looking a bit tired, then it’s easy to give them a shabby-chic refresh. Firstly, do the same to the wooden parts as you would with the tables – make them match if you’re doing both. Them depending on whether you’ve got upholstered chairs or not, you can add some pretty fabric. If there’s no cushion, then it’s easy to make your own that attaches with a couple of simple loops; you don’t even need particularly good sewing skills or a machine to do this.

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