Three Reasons to Upgrade to Composite Windows and Doors

According to a statistic offered by the charity Conservation, over 50% of the world’s forests are gone, and one of the reasons for this is that the wood has been used in (mostly) Western manufacturing to design and develop solid wood products for our homes.


One area where this has been prevalent over the last few decades is in the creation of solid wood picture windows and doors for our homes. Now, however, alongside UPVC, composite windows and doors offer a more sustainable solution that also comes with a wealth of further benefits to the home owner.

Here are just three reasons why you might want to think about investing in composite doors and window installation.

Solid Wood Doors Can Expand and Contract, Forcing You to Replace Them

One property of wood that is intrinsic to the material is the fact that it’s a living material, and this means that it expands and contracts when exposed to the extremes of Britain’s various weather systems. On a hot day, the wood dries out and contracts, but on the next day, when the weather’s cooler and damper, the wood soaks the moisture in and expands, through this constant motion, your door could start to crack, and then for safety reasons, it’s likely that you’ll need to replace it. With composite doors (and windows), this is not a problem, John D Richardson Co Ltd door installation can help you so they’re potentially a better investment.


Composite Windows and Doors Are More Heatproof and Soundproof

According to a great professional door replacement company near me, a second great benefit of composite windows and doors is that’s they’re better insulators of both heat and sound when compared with solid wood doors, you should also consider to soundproof floor for quieter surroundings. What this means is that if you’re looking for a door that is going to save you electricity on your heating bill, a solid door shouldn’t be your top priority. Instead, you should turn to a composite that looks as good as a solid wood door but has these extra environmental benefits with the help of leading custom steel window manufacturers in the United States. You can ask contractors like Safe Harbor Exteriors to install them for you.


Composites Are Customizable

As alluded to in the last point, composite windows and doors look just like their solid wood counterparts, and in fact, if you find a good provider of composite windows and doors, they can be customized to appear in the colour and wood style of your choosing.


Ultimately, choosing to buy composite windows and doors isn’t going to stop the tide of deforestation, or reverse global warming, but it will help you make your individual contribution to solving those problems, as well as generating you a range of other benefits. Aside from composite ones, you can also opt for steel doors from because they offer timeless yet affordable products that can truly revitalize your home.


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