Top Interior Design Trends for 2014

As summer approaches, many homeowners will be looking to make a change in the home. Spring cleaning has blown out the cobwebs and made you aware of your home’s potential once more. Want to give your home a fresh lease of life but don’t quite know where to start? Take a look at some of the interior designs that are trending this year and start putting inspiration into practice.


Floral decor has been a firm favourite of recent years, drowning rooms in bold wallpaper, upholstery and all manner of home furnishings. Spring and summer 2014, however, looks set to keep floral patterns low-key in the form of faded floral wallpaper and printed cushions or throws to complement neutral furniture. This season appears to be favouring classy sepia and black and white ‘washouts’ of floral as opposed to extremely bright and bold hues. If you need a Greensboro painting contractor contact Armenta Painting LLC.


Metallic shades are in for 2014 and this is welcome news indeed. By its nature, metallic can appear fairly neutral and unassuming and this makes it versatile enough to score with every room in your home. Stick to large statement pieces to brighten up spaces such as modern fireplaces or on side tables in the hallway such as varying gold and silver vases and bold decorative clock faces.


Repeat the mantra: A green home is a great home. Whether you mix and match with recycled gems from the flea market or try your hand at creating your own green furniture, Earth-friendly furnishings make a stylish and beautiful addition to any home and will leave visitors positively green with envy!


Colour flow

As with the re-emergence of floral patterns, the emphasis on home decor this season is not to tantalize or burden rooms with bright block colours but rather to keep hints of colour flowing delicately through each room – and the wonderfully artistic decor trend that is ‘colour flow’ does exactly that. Using a stair case as an example, each step may be painted in varying hues of the same single colour to create the beautiful effect of seamless and gradual colour flow. Just think of it as a dip dye makeover for the home.


Employing a few decor trends throughout the home every once in a while helps to mix things up a bit and make your home what it is: an active and organic living space. Trends and seasonal changes are great so long as you have the odd timeless pieces in your home to see you through the changes such as a grandfather clock or a classic wooden bed frame.

The furniture specialists at Revival Beds appreciate what the latter can bring to any home, providing an extensive collection of elegant, hand-crafted bed frames that won’t ever go out of style. 

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