Upgrade to a Greener Car AND Get Cash for Your Old Car

So as far as I can tell there are now THREE great reasons why this is the time to get rid of your old hunk o’ junk and upgrade to a cleaner, greener car. You can opt for a car scrapping service to get cash for your old car.

1) It is the right thing to do for the environment. Remember your car is one of the biggest ways you personally contribute to global warming.
2) There are ridiculous deals on cars right now.  Dealers are suffering and you can negotiate with abandon.
3) Congress has just passed the “Cash for Clunkers” legislation that will allow consumers to get up to $4,500 for turning in an inefficient vehicle and buying a new, more efficient one.

So hop to it people! Sell your car for cash to Wollongong car removal.

The new bill would even allow consumers to buy a wide range of vehicles — including large pickup trucks and garbage trucks at garbage truck sales sites — with the government money when they scrap an older, less-efficient model to a Junk vehicle buyer for cashThe cars that are offered for trade-in must get 18 MPG or less, be built in 1984 or later, and be in operating condition. The new car purchased must be at least 22 MPG for a car, 18 MPG for a light truck or 15 MPG for a heavy-duty truck.

The proposed program would subsidize the purchase of 600,000 to one million vehicles.

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