Upgrade Your Home for Maximum Energy Efficiency

We all know how to save energy in the home. Switching off lights and electrical appliances. Reducing the time we spend in the shower and not leaving taps running. Only turning on the heating when it’s absolutely necessary. These things are easy to do because they’re right under our noses and take very little effort. But what if someone were to tell you that these activities are not the best way to increase your home’s efficiency? Consult a commercial electrician for the best tips in saving energy at home and in your workplace.

Preparing for Change

It’s an unfortunate truth that, generally speaking, the easier a task is the less of an impact will be felt from it. Success takes hard work, and this can be equally applied to increasing your home’s energy efficiency with the help of an electrician. Many statisticians claim that turning off lights can save up to 10 or even 20% of your home’s electricity each year, and this may be true if your household typically goes around leaving lightbulbs on as a matter of course. But the truth is that if you want your home to be more efficient, more cost-effective and more eco-friendly, significant changes will have to be made including the installation of building automation controls for better household energy management.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Of all the methods which one can employ to improve a property, the best ones are those which are preventative like getting home extensions dublin to improve your living space. Many people don’t realise that their homes are actually leaking heat all the time and therefore even heating your home in the middle of the winter is an exercise in wastefulness that can be both costly and environmentally damaging.

Insulation is just one example of an energy saving method which has far reaching implications for the energy efficiency of your home. According to insulation Gold Coast, installing internal wall insulation could save the average homeowner up to £460 every year – no small sum for people on a budget.

Help with Upgrading

Another excellent preventative measure is to upgrade your boiler by having a boiler installation. This is just one of the many methods for which grants are available to help with immediate costs. Replacing a boiler may sound costly but most homeowners find they are able to recoup this initial spend back in the first two years of the boiler being installed, through energy savings alone.

In some cases, homeowners have found that they are able to get a new boiler completely free of charge. This is more often the case when the homeowner in question is eligible for tax credits or income-based benefits, so it’s always worth checking your entitlement beforehand. No matter what steps you may want to take towards efficient energy management, be sure to consult a general electrician to maintain the safety of your home.

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