Wallet- or Environment-Friendly? Container Homes Says, “Both.”

Whether it is for the family that you want to make or for the independence that you’ve desired to claim, building your own home is a big decision. In coming up with a decision, a lot of factors come into play. Among the many choices in the market, container homes are one of the best. Read about houses for sale branford ct at williampitt.com, as a specialist in managing real estate for private landlords and investors.45c284c76172d649deb1e03c1e78fc1a--container-buildings-shipping-container-houses

Open House: What are Shipping Container Homes?

A shipping container home is simply a type of home built out of a shipping container. Going beyond their original purpose to deliver cargo from one port to another, these containers can also provide a roof to many people. Both brand new and used containers may be modified. And if you decide to paint your container home, you may be needing ladders to reach high areas.

Aside from its function as a house, a container may also be transformed and used into your own office space, a commercial establishment like a boutique, a shed for tools and equipment, and many more! A quick skim through Container S.E.A.’s website will provide you more details on how all these can be made possible.

Though a trend that flourished in 2011, shipping container homes started way back in 2005. The overwhelming stacked up containers in ports were believed to have sparked this idea. More than a decade later, the popularity of shipping container homes continues to grow. A wide variety of designs and plans has emerged. Container S.E.A., for example, presents different types of containers, such as flat rack, open top, tunnel, etc.

A survey conducted online verified the popularity of container homes as 61.5% of participants said yes to the question, “Would you ever live in a house made of shipping containers?”

Digging Deeper: Why Should You Choose a Container for a Home?

Building a container home is not just wallet-friendly, it is also proven to be environment-friendly. Do you know that you can also build a 2 bedroom sleepout with ecopods? Check this site here to know more. (https://ecopod.co.nz/sleepouts/2-bedroom/)

Cost Savings

The average cost of building a house in the US is $280,000. On the other hand, an average container home can be built with $50,000.

With a container, you already have the foundation for the walls, roof, and flooring. Thus, container homes can be built faster. Compared to the average completion time of houses, which takes around 7 months, a container home may be built as fast as a month. With the lesser time spent on the construction, there is also lesser amount of money spent on materials, manpower, etc.

A container home also has off grid capabilities. Living “off-the-grid” means you are self-sufficient, and you don’t have to rely on public utilities such as electricity, water supply, etc. An example would be Brenda Kelly’s off grid home constructed out of a 20-foot shipping container. The main source of power is through the 2×135 watt solar panels she attached on the roof. You can also contact a well drilling company so you’ll have your own water supply.

Environmental Implications

In relation to the earlier points made, the lesser amount of time spent on the construction also reveals its environment-friendliness. Why? There is lesser ecological footprint made. Moreover, with its off grid capabilities that utilize a renewable source of energy, you are contributing in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Building a home out of containers helps the environment by recycling. With each recycled container, you are putting about 3,500 kilograms of steel into good use. Moreover, by recycling these materials, you can also save trees from being cut down.

Final Word

What more can you ask for when a container home already gives you your money’s worth? With its cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness, shipping container homes can just be the perfect choice for you.

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