What to Buy for Your Shipping Container Home: A Few Accessories

Shipping container homes are becoming more and more prevalent these days. Jumping into the mainstream through covers of architecture and design magazines, everyone is curious about life in a shipping container home.

Shipping container homes range from giant monolithic structures, to small little abodes consisting of 150 – 350 square feet. Some are on wheels for mobility, and others stapled to the ground.

With the smaller option being one of the most popular with the general public, many people making the move into a smaller shipping container home are learning one of its only barriers to entry; less room for normal furnishings and appliances.

As a result, furnishings for yachts, minibars, and the like are ending up in shipping container homes, see the options here to get a general view of the facility. The items available on the market have the potential to compliment a static living situation or a mobile one. Here’s our list of the top shipping container home accessories – useful items to make home living in shipping container easier and more accessible.


Believe it or not, there’s a wide range of laundry machines which are custom designed to fit in and work in smaller living spaces. You can read this article and determine which suits your home the most.

For the purposes of this article, we chose to highlight a powerless option for washing, as well as small regular electric-powered and portable washer and dryers.

Wonder Wash

The Wonder Wash hand held spinning washing machine is this writer’s top pick, because it’s completely sustainable, and it does not require any power to operate – other than some elbow grease.

With the ability to clean over 2 kilograms of laundry at a time, you can clean your laundry in about 5 minutes with this hand crank operated portable washing machine.

The Wonder Wash is completely ideal for both static and moveable homes, camping, and dorm life. We really love the idea of camping; one of my friends from Australia recommended this camper trailers Adelaide. I want to explore the world and see the beauty of nature. I guess I am ready to experience this kind of activity. I have my things to bring.

Mini Wall-Mounted Washer

This little wonder from Daewoo is pretty functional for the smaller space that is available in some shipping container homes. It runs on 220 volts of electricity, and can also wash over 2 kilograms of wet laundry.

Conveniently sized, easy to mount on a wall, and well designed – this Daewoo washer looks almost like it was inspired by the early Apple iMac. This unit, like the iMac, is also available in a range of colours.

Nina Soft Spin Dryer

The Nina Soft Spin clothes dryer is another portable laundry wonder; it can complete a load of laundry that is over 6 kilograms in less than 5 minutes.

The Nina Soft Spin dryer also weighs only 7 kilograms, runs on 110 volts of electricity, and can spin laundry dry at the speed 1800 rotations per minute.

Heating (and Cooking!)

Limited space in a shipping container home also means combining required functions into multi-purpose appliances. For heating or cooling solutions, contact professionals from heating and ac repair columbus oh.

The Sardine Old Fashioned Cooking Stove

The Sardine old fashioned cooking stove from Navigator Stove Works is ideal for land or sea, and is popular among yacht owners.

This unit will heat your entire container home with ease, and is ideal for cooking simple food items and boiling water or making espresso on a stove-top espresso maker.

This cooking stove is made of cast iron, burns hard wood or wood charcoal, and has a heat output of 7,500 to 18,000 BTU, depending on your needs.

The GE Micro Kitchen Line

GE’s Micro Kitchen line has all sorts of essentials for living in a small container home. In this collection, GE has redesigned a number of household mainstays to be better incorporated into their environment, and make better use of space. 

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