Which Renewable Energy Is Right For Your Business?

We are slowly moving to a place where renewable energy will soon be dominant. Fossil fuels and carbon reliance is coming to an end as we plunder the last of the earth’s resources. The topic has been floating around for over fifteen years now. However, we are finally seeing a real, tangible change. Businesses are beginning to implement new energy systems into their buildings like having fuel storage tanks and vertiv ups systems to ensure that their industrial and power systems are running smoothly.

Not only that, but many are operating carbon zero facilities. That means that their buildings have no carbon footprint whatsoever. They are powered by renewable energy sources and they are built in a way that limits consumption. This could include strong commercial insulation, efficient lighting and heating. In some cases, companies are producing more energy than they need. In these cases, businesses can sell energy back to providers. With all of this in mind, how can your business make the change to renewable energy? We’re here today to help you choose the right one for you.


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Solar power will probably be your first thought. This is a popular choice as it can usually be integrated into your existing building. They capture energy from the light of the sun and convert it into electricity. Previously they were unfavorable as they weren’t powerful enough for an entire business. Nowadays, their capacity has increased significantly. Commercial solar power is a true alternative to fossil fuels. With the right energy reduction policies and solar battery storage solutions, solar energy can power your entire business. If you’re looking for a great solar power provider, check out Linked Solar. Find out about Commercial Solar Installation Types, Big Solar Savings For Business, and Commercial Solar Incentives at the Energy Renovation Center page.

Wind power is the second most popular choice. However, its effectiveness is much more reliant on weather. Although solar panels now react to all light during the day, wind turbines require wind constantly. One alternative is to implement a hybrid solar and wind system. This will make the most of all weather scenarios. When it is windy, the turbine will kick in, when the sun shines, the solar panels will generate more.

Hydro power is being used by some companies, but few can generate the volume of water necessary. They work by forcing water through a turbine to generate electricity. What is much more common is rainwater and waste capture. The recycling of water is a green solution and can keep your costs down. You can combine rainwater capture with solar power as a complete alternative to heating.

Biomass is our final option. It makes the most of waste from your building. Rather than send excessive amounts of waste to landfill, it can be burned. Large amounts of landfill waste has a severe impact on the environment. We are fast running out of space to dump rubbish and waste. In some cases it is filling our oceans and altering the ecosystem. Instead, your company can direct waste to a biomass furnace. The heat created can be transferred into electric energy or simply used to heat water.

These are just some of the more popular renewable energies used by businesses today. Take a look at your business and see if you could implement one or more of these technologies. Of course, there is a cost associated with solar panel installation. However, these green solutions pay for themselves within a few years. Set yourself up for the future and install renewable energy now.

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